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In response to the most recent virus, I think it is wise to educate physicians about opening of emails with attachments. As you all know, viruses can propagate via email by pretending they are being sent from someone you know. In the past, some of you may have received viruses
from infected computers within or outside of Inova. In an effort to avoid this problem, IFHC is using WebForMDs servers to send emails directly from one of our servers. In other words, if you have subscribed to the IFHC listserv, an infected virus may NOT be able to propagate itself automatically from the WebForMDs server. However, viruses have gotten smarter. For example, they may pretend the email you get is from, but it may be coming from another physician's PC which contains Cathy's email.

The good news is that you can distinguish the authenticity of the email by first looking at the signature at the bottom of the email. It should state the following:

To get the Grand Rounds or see what is new at the Department of
Pediatrics, IFHC, go to

This service provided by

So far no virus has been able to copy the signature above in order to deceive us. We therefore ask that you do not open emails containing attachments if they do not have the above footer. Additionally, we strongly recommend everyone to obtain a virus protection software and perform a "Live update" regularly. You must do so directly from the website of your software provider. For more information on where to obtain these softwares and updates, go to

Thank you
Afshin Pashai
Web For MDs

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