Annual OSHA/Infection Control Update Training 2006/07

Annual Training

Disease Numbers 2005-2006

Local Disease Stats

Hepatitis B Infection Rates

HBV Elimination Plan

Hepatitis B Vaccine Reminder

Titer Testing

Hepatitis B Vaccine Titers

Treatment Chronic HBV Infection

Hepatitis C Cases

HCV Infection & College Students

Outbreak - MRSA



Hepatitis C - Testing

Hepatitis C Treatment- HCV

Hepatitis C Early Treatment

Risk HCV for Health Care Workers

New Data HCV Risk & Sharps

Hepatitis C Post-Exposure

HIV Origin Confirmed

Infected Healthcare Workers- Occupational Infection


Rapid HIV Tests

- Waiver

Testing Issues - Post Exposure

Hospital Compliance Rapid Testing

OSHA Rapid HIV Testing

New AIDS Drug

HIV Drug Resistance

Syphilis Cases

Top Cities/States 2004/05

CDC - Plan

TB Case Numbers

TB Case Numbers - 2006

CDC Publication

High Case Rates

Patient Communicability


Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of
Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Health-Care Settings

Risk Assessment

Testing Recommendations

TB Testing

New Requirements for TB Testing

New TB Test


Fit Testing/ Respiratory Protection

TB Vaccine

West Nile Virus - Update

West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus (WNV)



Case Numbers

Increasing Cases Diseases U.S.

Tdap Boosters

Meningitis Vaccine- Recommendations

Post Exposure Recommendations

Possible Side Effects

5 in 1 Vaccine

Post Exposure Issues

Post Exposure Care

Clarification - Bites

Source Patient Testing

Clarify Post Exposure Testing - Source Patient

HIPAA & Source Patient Testing

Clarify Post Exposure Testing - Employee

New Hand Hygiene Guidelines

INOVA Fairfax - handwashing

Needlestick Prevention Act

Medicare Bill Needle Safe Devices

American Academy of Pediatrics

Glass = Sharp

New Skin Prep Recommendation

OSHA Enforcement


OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Regulation

Medical Records-Reminder

Medical Record - Contents

Sharps Injury Log

SARS- 2003/04

Avian Flu

No Rapid Human to Human Cases

Avian Flu

Human Infection

Two Types of Avian Influenza



Avian Flu Vaccine

New Strain October 2006

New Vaccine

New Antiviral Drug


Warning - Tamiflu

FluMist Nasal Spray

CDC Flu Vaccine Program

Groups - Revised

Most Common Fine

OSHA Most Common BBP Citations 2003-2004

Questions & Answers